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Data Governance

The MIDAS Master Data Governance application has powerful functionality to centralize management of Materials, Service, Vendor and Customer Master Data. The application enables companies like yours to create, maintain, validate, approve, replicate and adapt master data. MIDAS employs our proprietary, highly advanced Technical Dictionary and Catalogues to provide complete and accurate Master Data in a consistent format, across the entire operational business systems and entities. It provides all the Processing Screens, Workflows, Quality Management and Project Tracking Tools required to undertake a global, enterprise wide, cost-effective materials data cleaning projects. To deliver maximum efficiency, the system includes a series of automated data formats, which parse key data, match, and group duplicate items for standardization

Process and Data Standardization

MIDAS Master Data Governance coordinates and controls all activities for managing master data. The application provides the structure to en force process and data standardization and authorization, while allowing the flexibility needed to meet the requirements of your company’s various business units, groups and users.

Built-in guidance, monitoring, and reporting functionality, using a standard workflow tool, enables coordinated process and data governance. Data process and issue resolution information is kept in a single location, giving business users fast access to all relevant information. Upload functionality increase the speed of updates and streamlines integration between systems. Governance functionality avoids creation of duplicates and helps ensure completeness and accuracy of data.

Data Creation, Change, and Approval

When creating or making changes to master data, users from different business units across the enterprise are involved. Without an integrated governance solution, requests are immediately available in the systems as soon as the first user saves the request, which can create problems. MIDAS Master Data Governance MMDG provides functionality for change requests with built-in approval processes. Automated, regulated processes speed and provide visibility into decision-making activates, keep all relevant information in one place , and help you improve data quality and ensure that compliance requirement are met.

Requests are automatically routed to the proper stakeholder, with functionality allowing for commenting by different expert y users and stakeholders. The change process is completed upon the approval or rejection of the authorized business user or master data specialist.lines integration between systems. Governance functionality avoids creation of duplicates and helps ensure completeness and accuracy of data.

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Data Duplication

The application automatically performs duplicate check, to avoid creation of already existing records. Information on potential duplicates is provided during searches for records and when checking change requests. A final duplicate check is performed when a change request is released.

Key Business Benefits

The MIDAS Master Data Governance application enables you to centralize the creation and maintenance of your master data. With the application, you can improve the consistency of master data and increase business process efficiency across the organization. You can facilitate collaborative and traceable master data management and provide a single version of master data for higher efficiency and quality. And you can document changes along the lifecycle of a data to help ensure compliance.

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