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Master Data Cleansing & Standardization

MIDA S Data Standardization software, in short refers to the process of Cleaning and standardization data to meet the business requirement, Data quality is largely affected by the way data is entered, stored and managed. Since, the data is entered and recorded by different people at different levels in any organization, it lacks consistency. Companies create business validations and rules to standardize data and eliminate the chances of inconsistencies, however fail at the implementation level. Manual process of data cleansing is a costlier, laborious and time consuming activity as it involves lot of time and manpower. Hence companies are now switching over to Data Cleansing solution that solve this problem by Cleansing, Standardization and de-Duplication data in fewer, and in much simple steps. We offer a complete range of data cleansing services through our solution.

Material Master

midas material master

The Process of detecting & Correcting erroneous data and data anomalies both within and across the system. Data Cleansing can take place in both real-time as data is entered by automated tool or afterwards as part of a data cleansing initiative.

  • Schema Mapping UNSPSC,MESC, FPAL,CSI Etc.,
  • Multiple Dictionaries can be enhanced for different Business.
  • Customized Descriptions algorithm
  • Bill Of Materials and Equipment Link
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Vendor Master

midas vendor master

Incomplete data (original vendor name, address, hierarchy, etc), Lack of information, Parent-Child relationship in between Vendors, Vendor Duplication Bank Details & Taxation verification.

  • DUNS, NAICS Etc.,
  • Basic Data Cleansing (Vendor Name/Address/Postal code)
  • Tax and Bank details Verification
  • Parent Child linking
midas vendor master

service Master

service master

The Service master contains information of all the procured services by an organization from external / internal service provider. The service master is the central pool of information where service specifications are entered only once and same service code can be used repetitively as and when required.

  • UNSPSC, Customized, Etc.,
  • Services Categorization
  • Common Header and Services linking
  • Single Time services Notification
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