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Latest Updates

  • In March 2021 Infoplus released Midas 3.6 with enhanced data quality and compliance grids allowing users to rapidly analyse commodities and items that would benefit from additional information, as well as Service Level Agreement grids to provide live reporting and visibility of governance cataloguing turn-around-times and throughputs.
  • In September 2020 Infoplus released Midas 3.5 containing a significantly expanded reference catalogue together with enhanced reference catalogue matching, enabling plant requestors to swiftly and accurately create new items using accurate, trusted and catalogued data, obtained direct from vendors.
  • In March 2020 Infoplus released Midas version 3.4 with QA check-list grids to automatically review and verify catalogued data and ensure the creation of standardized descriptions, covering multiple points of data including item classifications, attributes, manufacturer and duplicates.
  • In September 2019 Infoplus released Midas version 3.3 with updated master data governance screens and process workflows to enable increased client configurations, bespoke logic workflows and improved request visibility and control.
  • In March 2019 Infoplus released Midas version 3.2 with enhanced multi-lingual user and cataloguing screens, enabling Midas to be fully operational in all languages, allowing organisations to simultaneously process data utilising not only Spanish, French, German, Swedish and Dutch languages, but also those located in countries as diverse as Russia, Turkey and China (as well as many more).
  • In September 2018 Infoplus MDM released version 3.1 of Midas software Cleansing Module for legacy data-cleansing and ongoing governance. The update encompasses a redesigned cataloguing screen which provides cataloguers with improved visibility of multiple data points and rapid matching to our reference catalogue.‚Äč

About Midas

Master data allows multiple, diverse users to simultaneously consume the same underlying information. Decades of uncontrolled data entry, inadequate standards and deficient governance structures has undermined the theoretical capabilities of costly ERP implementations and master data. Free text, unstructured, incomplete and non-compliant data hampers operational performance. Purchasing fails to achieve saving opportunities, materials management are unable to optimise stocking levels, and maintenance are plagued by unscheduled downtime. The strategic objective of master data repeatedly founders on the jagged rocks of data, standards and process.

Technical Helpdesk
Name: kaja,
Email: kaja@infoplusltd.co.uk
Mobile: +919962517200
Name: Antony Prince,
Email: antonyprince@infoplus.co.in
Mobile: +919962517200

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