Master Data Management (MDM), Data Quality and Data Governance (DG)

In the current business environment data accumulates every hour with the increase in Volume and the rush to store data, not all of this data is alike, structure and can be reused accurately. It is said that data are strategic assets to the organization, are we able to make a confident decision based on the data which is unclean. Infoplus helps to structure the data and manage the “quality trusted data” for the organization to have single trusted view of quality data which enables the organization to have business benefits and take any confidence decision. Our services cover from Master data Management consulting to implementation and professional services.

Master Data Management

master data Management

Master data is the shared data in the organization with access to multiple users. The challenge is multiple accesses to multiple users create duplicate, incomplete, missing data. For instance the customer address would have been keyed in different format by different users which results in unclean data which results in poor decision making, business loss, less operation efficiency etc. Master data management (MDM) enables organizations to maintain a single version of clean data, accurate and trust worthy data, which contains set of reference data about common business entities which can be accessed at any time that requires it. Infoplus provides complete MDM solution, In Master Data Management, data is consolidate, cleansed, and enriched key business data and ensures the data is trust worthy master data which can be accessed across ERP system/applications Infoplus helps the clients to meet their ROI on their MDM initiatives by successful completion. Our MDM Practice helps to implement and support MDM solutions with our subject matter experts and technology experts. We have done many successful implementations and we ensure delivery on time.

Data Quality Benefits

  • Structured data & enhanced taxonomy / Dictionary by implementing Data Cleaning & Governance process.
  • Elimination of Duplication reduces duplicated inventory, assisting the corporate goal.
  • A 'Single source of truth' for material master records.
  • Consolidated & standardized material master records across all regions increased material visibility.
  • Increased material visibility.

efficiency benefits

  • Increased regional involvement & self-service through deployment of MDM tool to BU's.
  • Acceleration of processing times - BU's take the same time as before but make updates directly in the system, hence eliminating time spent corresponding with Houston cataloger.
  • Corporate staff able to better utilize time taken for data entry tasks for data quality & content management.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Process automation.

Controls benefits

  • Inventory Controls & Management.
  • Improved reporting & monitoring. Global reports Global agreements
  • Spend Analytics.
  • Other Analytics - KPIs.

cost commercial benefits

  • Optimize dedicated manpower at corporate as a result of BU deployment, hence saving client resources.
  • Reduced spend by leveraging existing inventory.
  • Reduced inventory holding costs.
  • SG&A cost reduction.
  • More readily integrate with new acquisitions / assets in a controlled environment i.e cleansed, structured environments.

EAM/ CMMS Management

  • Functional Location Hierarchy
  • Equipment Class
  • Equipment Characteristics
  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Measuring point
  • PM Strategy
  • Task List
  • PM Plans
  • PM Schedule
  • SAP MM & PM Consultants
  • Warehouse Consultants
  • Material & CMMS Engineers
  • Material Master Data
  • Governance
  • Vendor Sourcing
  • Vendor Creation
  • PR Collection and Validation
  • RFP, RFQ, IFB Process
  • vendor selection process
  • PO's
  • Inventory Analysis
  • ABC, VED, FSN, MN, MAX, Re order Point etc.,
  • Invertory Physical Counting
  • Data Physical Verification
  • Material Master Data
  • Service Master Data
  • Vendor & Customer Master Data

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